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About Mayflower Construction Group

Why Mayflower? Throughout history, names have brought power and meaning to leaders, cities, countries, and civilizations,” says Brock Richards, owner of Mayflower Construction Group. “The name can tell a story about the brand, or it can be personal, or both.”

In the case of Mayflower Construction Group, it’s both. Four of Richards’ direct ancestors sailed on the Mayflower in 1620, he says, and he felt inspired to name his company after these trailblazing individuals.

“I felt that by naming my company after such strong, bold men and women, we might remember them when we’re facing the challenges of starting and growing a business,” he continues. “It seems to stick with people because of the familiarity they have with hearing about the Mayflower and pilgrims in elementary school.
– Utah Business

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Our Talent team

Lori Harward

Project Engineer

Lori is passionate about building, bicycling, and family. She brings a vast background of experience in project management, including high-end residential homes, restoration, county planning, business development, and cycling. Her “guiding star” is “to make a …

difference”, and working for a company that truly lives its values and works together as a team is important to her. 

Maryann Thompson

VP of Relations

Maryann Thompson is the VP of Relations here at Mayflower Construction Group. She enjoys building relationships and learning from others. She thrives feeling accomplished and helping those around her.

She lives in Farmington with her husband and son. She enjoys golfing, making memories with her family, and being active. She values relationships, respect, and making everyone feel included.


Project Manager

Riley Ostler is a project manager here at Mayflower Construction Group. He has a passion for building, always have and always will. As a child he got in trouble for using the power tools without permission. As he grew older he found himself drawn to a career in construction. To make this dream a

reality he decided to pursue a bachelors degree in construction management. While doing so, he worked full time in the industry to try and gather as much knowledge, and field experience as possible. He has been able to manage several multi million dollar projects. He takes great pride and pleasure seeing our clients dreams come to life.

Derek Holmes

Project Manager

Derek Holmes has been in the construction industry for 4 years and has his bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Utah Valley University. He has spent the majority of his career on commercial projects. Each project he has been a

part of, has helped him learn how to overcome challenges. Derek has a passion for building, and wants everyone involved to feel like they are making a difference. He enjoys working with people and building lasting relationships and projects. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his family.

Mark Nielsen


Mark is the Foreman for a special crew at Mayflower Construction Group. He helps solve unique challenges a project might face. He completes various tasks and helps keep the job on schedule. Mark has worked in numerous areas of construction for almost

8 years giving him the knowledge to solve many of the unique challenges that can come up. He is currently studying construction management at Weber State University in the evenings, to help further his knowledge and career.

Hunter Lund


As a seasoned professional, my journey in leadership has encompassed roles as a supervisor and regional manager across diverse industries. Within the construction realm, l’ve served as a superintendent specializing in residential remodels, leveraging hands-on experience and

meticulous attention to detail. My prowess extends beyond management – I am a highly skilled problem solver and a results-driven sales expert.

Characterized by dedication and a robust construction background, I bring a wealth of experience to Mayflower Construction Group, poised to deliver excellence.

Angela Ribaudo

Executive Assistant

Hi! I’m Angela, Brock’s assistant. I run much of the behind-the-scenes for Brock & Mayflower Construction Group. If you’ve ever contacted Brock, you’ve likely heard from me. In 2021 I started a small virtual assistant business working with various clients and small businesses – 

 homeschool activity boxes, speakers, authors, and other small business owners, which eventually led me to Mayflower Construction Group. As a small business owner myself, I’ve found that I love doing all the back-end tasks in a business – email, scheduling, calendar management, etc. and could spend hours researching pretty much anything. Originally from northern Indiana, I currently live in Tucson, AZ with my husband, daughter, and two dogs. We love traveling, exploring the southwest – hiking and camping – and will never say no to a local coffee shop or restaurant. I’ve always believed that kindness makes a difference. One kind act or smile can turn someone’s day around.

Janice Phillips


I graduated in outdoor recreation, but I have been doing accounting for about 30 years. I highly value honesty, integrity, and doing the right thing. Accounting is very conducive to putting those priorities into action. I am passionate about community service. I enjoy volunteering at my local animal rescue 

center, and enjoy helping others. My interests include camping, biking, and playing in my garden.

Brock Richards

Managing Partner/pre-construction manager

Brock Richards has been in the commercial construction industry in Utah for over 16 years. Wherever he has worked, he has strived to soak up as much knowledge as possible and to continue to grow and improve.

He has learned just as much from his mistakes as he has in his success. He has a genuine love for people and looks to serve in all aspects of his life.

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